Why God Wants Believers Rich

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With fervent zeal for purity, fear of temptations, fear of persecution, and a deep dread for materialistic lifestyles, many honest but ill-informed Christians are embracing poverty and mediocrity and living below God’s financial plans for His people.


What does God think about material riches? Can we have earthly riches without becoming materialistic? Can we desire and create material wealth without falling from faith? Is it possible to enjoy riches in this life and still enjoy eternity with God?


WHY GOD WANTS BELIEVERS RICH will take you back to the Bible for answers that will defy popular opinions on the subject of wealth creation, money, and earthly riches. You can now discover why God wants you to grow richer and build more wealth than you will ever need in your lifetime.


    6 x 9 inch, Paperback, perfect bound, 226 pages

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